White supremacists and Black Tribal Dominators

I was just reading and article on “Cameroon24.net'” about those who are preparing to replace the aging president Biya.  The article by Anicet Ekanè, a political leader in the country denounced the fact that some of his colleagues party leaders in the country think that they will access the position when it eventually becomes vacant only on the “merits” of their respective tribes. Not so farfetched, when the regime itself, while proclaiming its “unassailable” passion for national unity, actually works as tribalocracy, selecting most of its cadres in the public administration, the government and State enterprises from the group to which the Head of State belongs, and from a few other groups, provided that they stay putt, share some spoils and do not disturb the present status quo.

Does this have to be repeated for the next 40, if not 2000 years? Aren’t we able to find creative, innovative and moreover – inclusive solutions – to this disaster that puts the whole country into the grip of Black tribal dominators while a the same time all of us reject the motives and actions of White Supremacists?

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