The easiest and best paid job in the world

Do you want to become rich, famous, extremely well paid, not accountable to any (mostly your share and main stakeholders( but only to your close family members and circumstantial allies?  Become a Head of State in one of fewer and fewer African countries. That’s the way they are perceived and act. To the detriment of most people in these countries, apart from a selected list of cronies, family members, national and international opportunists and their networks, etc. Taking into consideration the state in which their countries linger, without decent public policies which involve good transportation infrastructures by roads, rail, air, water, affordable social housing programs, urban and rural facilities, hospitals, schools, armies, utilities, even economies.

One can access this position by any means (Coup d’état, fraudulent and untrustworthy elections, intrigues, quasi dynastic successions, etc.),  keep it for decades, doing nothing and not being accountable to anyone in the World.

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