ISIS, DAESH, Al-QAEDA and their likes Must Create their Own Religion

Everybody agrees.  These groups do not act, speak, senselessly kill thousands, maim, torture, violate human rights of millions, destroy highly valued and universally respected ancient cultural artefacts, civilizations and infrastructures in the name of the Islam billions practice peacefully, without having to kill anybody. Therefore, why these groups do not create their own brand of religion, not linked to Islam.

Then they will freely choose their ideology or doctrine of destruction, killings, assassinations freely, attracting those who willingly join them, and sincerely believe in these; meaning all the sadists, serial killers, assassins, masochists, power hungry, deviants, etc., and create their own, completely isolated “State” somewhere, in a barren land where they will be free to kill each other, up to their own and complete extinction.  A ‘State” that will not entertain any relations whatsoever with any other known State in the World, transacting with no other known entity.

Where those who enter will never be allowed to exit or come back to the rest of the world.

That way, the rest of the World will live in peace and these deviants will be free to do whatever they like, want or do to unsuspecting innocent people in different countries. Everybody will live happily ever after.

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