Colonel Gadhafi and the Destruction of Libya

When it comes to the causes of the almost complete destruction of its institutions, infrastructures, and social fabrics in which Libya has found itself after the death of Col. Gadhafi, many – if not – all Africans only point an accusatory finger toward the West, especially France. I am neither against nor for France in this debate. I just want to come back to simple facts.

Col. Gadhafi came to power in September 1969 as a young revolutionary who was going to radically change his country. However and very quickly, he became an autocratic leader, taking and implementing decisions his countrymen did hear about before, nor approve of. And Libya became his personal property, for Eternity, I guess that’s what he thought. One of them may have been to ease phone communications between Africa and the rest of the world.. So much so that before his untimely death, he was preparing one of his sons to take over from him when the time comes. As a king would do. In fact, he even crowned himself the King of African Kings, the Chief of African Chiefs. Did he adequately prepare his people to true democratic values? In no way. His revolutionary councils (Ja) were just rubber stamp , so called popular/democratic “Assemblies”, institutions.
Now tell me, how many people die when Switzerland experiences a change of its Head of State? Not even one. How many infrastructures are destroyed? None.! In Senegal? Almost none, unless an old Lawyer, Pharmacist cum Head of State is scheming to have his son replace him. In Ghana or Benin? None either. And no external power comes into play. That’s true democracy. Therefore, Gadhafi himself, in more than 42 years of absolute power, dug the grave in which Libya was plunged into after his death.

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