African Unity from below

Slowly, little by little, Africa may become one unified State one of these days.  Although politicians seem to covertly resist the idea, only paying lip service to it during regular former OAU (now African Union) Summits in Addis Ababa or elsewhere in any one of the 52 Capital cities of its member State, the people have apparently and  fully embraced it.

For instance in Yaoundé, Cameroon, there is a “Madagascar” Quarter (Borough), another part named “Dakar”, and in Douala, a “quartier” named “Brazzaville”. In Rubavu (Rwanda- former Ruhengeri), one part of the City is named “Yaoundé”.

Monrovia is champion in this move, with a “Somalia Drive”, Matadi, Douala and Congo quarters.

Almost everywhere, there are Lumumba and Mandela avenues/Boulevards.

If you happen to know of such examples in your own country or in any other, please share this with the readers of this blog. Thanks.

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